10 Home Selling Tips For a Fast & Stress-Free, and Profitable Sale.
Posted by: Multi Dynamic Ingleburn, 14 Jan, 2022
Selling a property may be one of the most difficult challenges in life.

Some homeowners are fortunate enough to receive many offers close to (or even above) the asking price and sell their house in a matter of days; others have a property that remains on the market for weeks, months, or even years.

The average time for a home to sell in New South Wales is 4 to 6 weeks. Many factors may influence the time it takes to sell a house that is for sale, including the current housing market, comparable properties (both in terms of price and time it takes to sell), and the city or suburb in which the house is for sale.

Getting your house to sell in the shortest amount of time possible is much simpler when you consider these sure-fire tips during the selling process.

1. Market Research

One of the biggest mistakes a seller can make is to ignore the real market. Each state and suburb will have its own particular dynamics: If you've been in your current house for at least a couple of years, you're probably familiar with the area housing prices and economic situations. It's still a good idea to do some extra research and look at housing activities in your area.

Discover how many houses are currently on the market in your area, as well as the average number of days they have been on the market. It's also a good idea to check at comparable homes in your neighborhood to get a sense of what the competition is like.

2. Pick The Best Time to For Selling

When it comes to real estate property selling, timing can make or break the whole process. Spring and summer 2021/2022 are very promising as experts say. Nevertheless, some studies show that autumn is the fastest season for sales. 

 To find out what is the best season and even month to sell your property, talk to a local expert and gather some information about when the best time to put your house on the market is, and then use that as a target date to have your home sale-ready.

3. Set The Best Price

To guarantee that you are pricing your home reasonably before listing it, you must first estimate its anticipated market worth. The easiest way to do this is to compare your home with other properties in the same area that have the same number of bedrooms and full bathrooms and have received similar renovations.

It is also a good idea to have a home appraisal. Professional appraisers will not only compare your house to others in the neighborhood, but they will also take detailed notes after a walkthrough and consider any property updates when determining the price of a house.

At Multi Dynamic, our experienced local agents are ready to give you a free, no-obligation property appraisal. We will help you understand exactly what’s involved in getting the best price possible for your property, including market conditions, location, and the home's amenities and overall condition.

4. Stage Your Home Before Taking Pictures

Home staging refers to preparing your home to sell so it appeals to the most potential buyers who will pay the highest possible price. It is an important thing to do before you take pictures and advertise your home. Poor quality pictures or unappealing and outdated interiors can make a big difference when it comes to selling your home. High-quality pictures and videos help sell houses 30% to 40% faster and for a better contract price.

A few home staging ideas include decluttering, cleaning, or replacing appliances to make them look new, removing any personal objects such as photographs and paintings on the wall.

5. Repairs and Cleaning

A clean home shows potential buyers that you've taken good care of the property. Major renovations aren’t usually necessary, but a fresh coat of paint and minor repairs can leave a potential buyer with a good first impression. Some other jobs to be considered:

  • Clean windows 

  • A thorough steam cleaning 

  • Expel all pet smells or unpleasant odors. 

  • Remove your personal belongings.

  • Clean and organize the yard.

  • Paint and fix the fence.

6. Documents

Having all the needed documents will make the settlement happen sooner. The most common documents to sell a house in NSW include: 

  • Vendor statement

  • Contract of sale

  • Title certificate

  • Drainage diagram 

  • Planning certificate issued by the local council, etc.

7. Organise an Open House

A sure-fire way to save a lot of time meeting every potential buyer without even knowing how serious they are about buying. An open house is a scheduled event where everyone can come and look at your property.

If you want to host an open house by yourself, choose a date that doesn’t fall on a holiday or on a day a major sporting or local civic event is occurring. Make fliers to hand out at the open house. The fliers should have good photographs, a summary of all the home's amenities, and a phone number for contact.

8. Advertise Online

In today’s technology, you can promote anything online. And that includes your property. To make your house stand out, take nice eye-catching pictures, create a persuasive and detailed property description. Add all features and values your house has, all recent renovations, and information about the neighborhood.

 If you know that the house is perfect for a specific category of buyers, set the whole listing to target them. For example, Ingleburn has become more and more popular among families and professionals.

9. Put a Sign

There is no denying that the world is transitioning evermore to online but don’t neglect all people passing by your house. If you have a for-sale sign outside your house, buyers are more likely to hear about it by word of mouth. People are likely to act on the recommendations of friends or family, so if someone passes by and notices your house is up for sale, they may give them the heads up. This is especially useful if your property is in a small town or village where there is a strong sense of community.

10. Hire a Professional

Selling the house is a long and tedious process, and it may be quite perplexing for first-time sellers who only have a basic grasp of how the market works. Hiring a real estate agent will save a great deal of time and effort. 

At Multi Dynamic, we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. As one of the most trusted and fastest-growing real estate agencies in Australia, we consider ourselves a one-stop solution to all your real estate needs. You can trust our young and energetic team to deliver the right result. From starting the sales process to accepting an offer, we help simplify your home-selling journey by connecting you to the right services at the right time.

Selling your house fast may seem like a bit of an overwhelming task to conquer. But with these tips in mind, you can help to ease some of that pressure and make the selling process that much quicker.

If you are thinking about selling your home, our Dynamic experts will be ready to assist and provide the highest quality service. Talk to us today!